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Pitched roofing in Newry comes in various different types depending on requirements. Pitched roofing, also known as sloped roofing or sloping roofing, is a type of roof construction in which the roof surface has an inclined or sloped design, as opposed to a flat or low-slope roof. Pitched roofs are characterized by their steep angles, and they are commonly found on residential homes, churches, and various other types of buildings.

Slate Roofing in Newry

The most used and cost effective roof covering in Newry, slate and tile coverings for your property or business is a good solution, supplying an attractive appearance and working out a cheap and long lasting choice for all circumstances. Roofs which are slated or tiled for most houses will usually last for a minimum of 50 years, protecting your home for a generation .

There’s very little maintenance required for these types of roofs in Newry and you’ve got the option of countless colours / shades and styles for your slates and tiles. Tiled roofs offer strong protection from the elements making sure even the worst weather wont enter into your roof space.

Tiled Roofing in Newry

The concrete and clay roof tiles are the most widely used pitched roof covering out with slate in Newry. They are produced in many colours shapes and verities depending on locations local councils and roof styles.

Concrete and clay roof tiles are durable long lasting and enhance any property as long as they are maintained over the years of harsh winters you will always be safe in the knowledge your roof is water tight

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