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GRP refers to ‘glass reinforced plastic’, and is one of the most popular choices of flat roof for our customers in Newry. The GRP systems are made from an extremely strong and durable composite material, which is easy to handle, light and flexible. The fibreglass roofing systems can be applied to a number of roofs, such as garages, extensions, replace existing roofs, or even double up as long-lasting walkways on balconies and terraces. The form of flat roofing has undergone a range of developments over the years, and now boasts a longer lifespan (50 years plus) and less maintenance. In fact, GRP fibreglass roofing in Newry is virtually maintenance free. Newry Roofing Network also provide other related skills that are required for all elements of roofing in Newry. Roof installs are a complex process which should only be carried out by experienced and qualified professionals.

Fibreglass GRP Roofing Systems

Fibreglass roofing, also known as GRP (Glass-Reinforced Plastic) roofing, is a durable and long-lasting roofing material. When it comes to repairing fiberglass roofing, the process can be a bit different from other roofing materials.
Depending on the size and extent of the damage, you can use a fiberglass patch kit or resin to make the repairs.

Fibreglass Roof Fitting & Repairs Newry

Fibreglass roofing is totally water-tight and offers a very effective, hard-wearing protective coverings, suitable for both large commercial properties to smaller domestic ones. Whatever your project our members can guide you on the best suited roofing method for your home.

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